What is an Escape Room?Large-Key-Gear-Pin-Steampunk-Accessories_29397-l

An escape room is a physical gaming space consisting of one or more (usually no more than three) rooms. The players are locked in this space and have to escape within a limited time using various elements of that room to their advantage e.g to solve riddles and tests, look for intricate hidden clues, and etc.

Rooms are usually not very large in size but can have different themes and difficulty levels can be suitable for adults and children, and are usually set in fictional locations, being popular as a team building exercise.The first escape room was created in 2006, and soon became popular in the United States, Japan, Canada, and China, with the rest of the world to follow the trend.

If within the set time the team manages to pass all the tests and escape the room without the help of the administration, their mission is completed.

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What is a Quest?

Real-life quests has a similar concept when it comes to space, limited time and the riddle solving. The main difference in quests is an objective – to find an object, a missing person, a prison break and etc.

The essence of the quest is the engaging storyline which allows the player, for those 60 minutes to be in someone else’s skin, to become the main character and experience his emotions, almost like being inside of a movie, a book, or a computer game.

Unlike the escape room, where the centerpiece is usually the puzzles and the riddles, in the real-life quests design of the room is has equally great importance, with every little detail, up to smells and music thought through.

A quest can be two types, linear and non-linear. Linear quests means that the clues are interconnected and the storyline leads all players to the same goal. Non-linear quests, on the contrary, offer a more complex storyline, but more than one path to take and sometimes even more than one ending.


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