Please find a short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you did not find your answer here or need more information please visit our Contact Us page or ask us a question online via chat tool.


Q1. The more people the easier to escape?

The number of people does not always guarantee a faster game completion. Since games have a different difficulty level your effort and way of thinking is a key aspect. However, since different people have a different approach to solving a problem, teamwork is certainly an easier as well as a more fun way to pass a quest.

Q2. What are the prices?

At the moment our escape club offers the most competitive prices in Cyprus. Our prices are offered per person not per room, which means that the cost is evenly shared between the players. The main policy – the more players there are in a game, the less the room costs.

* We also offer discounts to returning customers and have other special offers. For more information you can give us a call or send us an email or ask as a question via a chat tool (can be found on the bottom right of the page).

Q3. How many people can play?

The number of people in a quest depends on the room, normally comprising around 6-8 players. The exception is The Psycho which is the only double quest on the island (the players are divided into two rival teams, and are placed into two opposite rooms) and can contain up to 12 individuals.

Q4. Can I make a birthday party, a corporate event or a hens/stag night at Encryptus Realius?

Yes and yes, we are always looking to give our customers the best experience, which is why for any special event we can help to organize catering, entertainment, hire a professional photographer, set up and decorate a table to create a very atmospheric celebratory environment. For more information please see our Events section, or contact us.

Q5. First time, will I escape?

Our quests are very versatile, with different storylines suitable for different age categories and interests and come in a variety of difficulty levels.

Every room has video surveillance for your safety, and a voice operator, who can, if necessary, give you clues and hints to pass the game in case you get stuck. We can also simplify the quests upon request, for example, if the players are children or have special needs.

To make escaping the game easier, children up to 12 years old can be supervised by a parent, a guardian or a school teacher – with adult’s presence in a room being free of charge.

Q6. Who can play?

Friends and Families

Tried it all and want something new? Ready for a family adventure but do not want to drive too far? Our quests is an original way to spend time with your loved ones, giving you an adventure of a lifetime with plenty of brainstorming, adrenalin and loads of fun!


Encryptus Realius is a popular tourist attraction, available in English, Russian and Greek languages. Discover the most magical part of Limassol, wondering through our rooms and submerging into their different atmospheres with memories to keep forever.

You and your colleagues

You spend all day working together but do not really know one another? Or simply want to have a non-typical corporate party? Our quests are a perfect solution for team building, allowing to spend time with your co-workers in a fun, engaging environment.

Future brides and grooms

If you want to have an amazing night before going to the altar, and cannot think of a way to celebrate – our club is a perfect solution! Not only you play the games and have a time to remember, but you can also enjoy the after party with nice beverages, food and entertainment!

Q.7 Any new rooms opening?

In the next six months we are planning to open 3 new rooms:

Alice’s Secret World, an out-of-this-world quest based on Alice in Wonderland, suitable for children and adults. Expected on: Beginning of September, 2016.

Seven, the first horror quest in Cyprus, based on the drama/thriller film Se7en, suitable for adults only. Expected on: End of September, 2016.

Sex Museum, the first erotic quest in Cyprus, dedicated to two partners discovering each other through the quest of passion, suitable only for adults over 18. Expected on: Beginning of February, 2017.


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