Encryptus Realius is a unique venue for hosting events such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Corporate gatherings and team building
  • Hens or Stag Nights
  • School trips
  • …or just a fun weekend with family and friends!                                                                                         

We offer individual approach for each client, depending on age, number of people and other requirements and offer additional services, like organizing entertainment for your after-game party by invite an entertainer, a clown or a magician to make your party special and fun!

                                                                                   Team Building

Tired of everyday office routine? Want to get to know your colleagues in a more informal atmosphere? Encryptus Realius quests are a fun and original venue for team building. You can either play as a group, solving riddles, puzzles and looking for clues in one of our individual rooms, or you can play against each other in Psycho – the only double quest on

the island, extremely popular among big groups (can contain up to 12 individuals) where you play as two rival teams, placed into two opposite rooms.

                                                                                       Birthdays, Hens/Stag nights


Organizing a party at our club is an original and definitely unforgettable way to celebrate your special day! We are a very popular venue for birthdays, where kids can spend a full day at the club, playing quests and resting at our leisure area filled with all kinds of board games and puzzles, making it a fun, safe and stimulating environment!


Afternoon of playing quests can make you really hungry! At ER we always make sure that our guests are well fed for their special occasions! You can order catering from a wide selection of delivery places in Limassol or bring your own food and beverages! We can help you set up a beautiful table, making sure that celebration is as festive as it is tasty!

                    Other options:

        Invite a magician, clown or entertainer                              Create a Themed Party of your dreams


                        Rent the entire club                                                             Hire a professional photographer           


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